About ADPP

ADPP is an Angolan non-governmental organisation, which started in 1986 and was registered with the Ministry of Justice in 1992. Since 1986, ADPP has worked together with local communities and the authorites to build a more unified, equitable and just country in which all people can live healthy, happy and productive lives. ADPP works in 17 of Angola's 18 provinces and directly engages more than 8,000 people in work or study on a daily basis. ADPP reaches hundreds of thousands of others through community-based projects in health, education and community development. All activities are built on four pillars:

  • A community-based perspective that empowers individuals, families and communities to make positive changes in their own lives.
  • Building of in-country capacity through projects which complement government policy
  • An integrated approach to development that applies a ‘whole community’ approach linking education, health and community development activities for maximum impact.
  • A recognition of Government as a key player in promoting long-term sustainable development and close working partnerships with local, provincial and national Government officials
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