Demand-driven markets for integrated and sustainable development


Poverty, including urban poverty, is often the result of an inadequate environment for economic activity in rural areas. For this reason, rural and local economic development are key pillars for sustainable development and economic diversification.


The 2014 census showed that the majority of Angolans (62 per cent) live in urban areas. This urban explosion results in a huge and sudden demand of basic services in towns and cities. Creating local opportunities in trade and jobs, including the diversification of rural economies lifts people out of poverty and mitigates the negative consequences of rural-urban migration. Municipalities are key in promoting rural and local economic development.

This project follows the demand-driven “Markets for the Poor” (M4P) approach, facilitating local dynamics in three main areas:


  1. Improving access to civil registration in Bungo municipality. This is important, not only as a citizenship right, but also to enable people to open a bank account, register a business, and enroll their children in school, among other key services
  2. Stimulating agricultural production and trade by supporting farmers and their associations through Farmer Field Schools, provision of seeds, tools and increased market access
  3. Supporting local micro-entrepreneurs through credit and advisory services. Small businesses such as bakeries, hairdressers, and processing of local products are crucial for local economic development and diversification.

The main project activities include:


  • Assisting civil registration services to expand their outreach through the production and distribution of information leaflets
  • Training farmers’ associations in management
  • Training farmers in improved production techniques at farmer field schools
  • Providing seeds and tools to farmers
  • Assisting farmers to place their products in the market
  • Identifying small local entrepreneurs for funding and coaching
  • Funding selected local small businesses
  • Setting up a revolving credit fund for local entrepreneurs.

The project is located in the provinces of Bungo Municipality, Uíge. It supports 2 000 families, and assists 3 000 families to increase their production and trade. Young people are core in this project which support 185 local young entrepreneurs in their activities


November 2013
November 2016
Thematic Focus
Local Development
  • Consultores JMJ Angola Instituto de Desenvolvimento Agrário (IDA)
  • Municipal administration departments
  • Small entrepreneurs at local level